ReBel organises a research workshop at the University of Oulu on Friday 1 February 2019. The workshop gathers scholars from different disciplines to discuss refugee and migration issues as historical and contemporary phenomena. Welcome to listen to the presentations!

Venue: TellUs Galaxy, Linnamaa Campus

9:00     Opening: Seija Jalagin

9:15–10:15  Keynote: Professor Peter Gatrell, University of Manchester, 20th century war, migration and memory

10:15–11:00 Keynote: Dr Soc Sci Ralf Kauranen, University of Turku, Comics and migration

12:00–12:30  Johanna Leinonen, Migration Institute of Finland, Refugee journeys: Narratives of forced mobilities

12:30–13:00  Annette Forsén, University of Helsinki, Forced migration in times of crisis. Germans leaving Finland for Sweden in August 1914

13:00–13:30  Iida Kauhanen, University of Oulu, Need for recognition? Analysing the socio-political situation of unaccompanied asylum seeking youth in Europe

13:30–14:00  Olli Löytty, University of Turku, The stranger and the homecomer: Migration and comics

14:30–15:00  Aura Nikkilä & Anna Vuorinne, University of Turku, Empathy and historical storytelling. Marginalized experiences in Hanneriina Moisseinen’s The Isthmus

15:00–15:30  Tiina Harjumaa, University of Lapland, Petsamo evacuees – internal and mental displacements

15:30–16:00  Hanna-Leena Määttä Nissilä, University of Oulu: Recognition and belonging through rmotions in Eeva Kilpi’s autofiction evacuee trilogy

16:00–16:20  Closing discussion


Photo: A. Kantola. SA-Kuva.

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